lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

New Work! Animation!

Hi people! It's been a while since I wrote here right? Hehe well I have been bussy with lots of things, specially my new work at an animation study at my city! Yay! And also... I'm pregnant! So It's been pretty bussy around here! Hehehehe

Ok so, take a look to a bit of the works at the study! Hope u like it! "Victoria" is a character created based on my baby! She will be born next year so we decided to add a character who we think will look like my baby! Yay!

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Traveling! (Oxford, London, Paris, Venice & Rome)

Hi to all! Just wanted to upload a new post showing some of my favorite photos from my euro-trip !!! hehe... it's been a while since I came to this blog and update it, specially because I opened another blog at tumblr that you can see here: My Tumblr Blog , but I really wish they had the special features I have here to add on my entries, I don't know, perhaps I still don't know how to use it properly, but the final entries are sometimes weird...and I'm not used to them, but I also have more followers there so I decided to update it more often... specially with shorts posts, here I create longer ones... 

Any way... I wanted to show you my photos and here they are! Enjoy! And if u have been or live in those places, let me know wich one is your favorite and why, I would love to read your experience!

*Photos are in this order: Oxford, London, Paris, Venice & Rome, like the title of this post


lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Mac vs. Vaio Touchscreen! Vote!

Click the photo to see both in big size! This is a difficult decision, I love both really! Mac has always been the pretty one! but when I saw the Vaio touchscreen I was blown away! This one has everything mac has, plus the touch screen!!!! is light and with a very pretty design! It comes in different colors (even pink!) but I would choose the black one to match my Cintiq 12wx! hehehe

I decided to buy a desktop instead of a laptop because I'm going to work from home (as I have been doing all the time) and a desktop will be better for me to add to the desk and place my cintiq right bellow it. 

So... wich one would you pic! google both to see... they both are great! 


miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

Disney Pirate Mermaids

Pirate Mermaids Commission (2011)

Hi to all!!!!! I'm really happy about this commission work! it is really big, 3 characters takes forever to finish, and of corse, 3 characters with lots of details takes moooore time! But I finally finished! and with my new Cintiq 12wx tablet! yay!!!!! first drawing I do without pen tool in all the lineart! 

Yes well... first of all here is the beloved new tablet! take a look:

And I'm really happy to be able to have this tablet! is really awesome! is not big, u can move it around your desk, and you can draw directly on the screen! it is a total hit! has a bad far I don't understand why it need so much wires, almost all the photos are showed without them, but the tablet got a big box with buttons and 3 connections for your computer... is kind of too much for me... for the money, it should be wireless!

Any way... but the quality for the drawing is awesome! the colors are amazing too! I'm really happy! and bye bye pen tool! I will only use it for special parts of the drawing only!

Ok, but getting back to the drawing! a commissioner from Deviantart (thedarkstrider) asked me to draw 3 disney girls like pirate mermaids! so after thinking a while, I decided to draw this 3 girls! and I'm really happy because they look like a great team together!!!!! I first google images for inspiration, poses, and details in colors! 

So... after getting this images! i started to draw the sketch for the drawing!

 I use this images as references for expressions and pose! but of corse, I had to add much details like mermaid tails (except for Ariel), change a bit the clothes to fit more the "pirate" style (that was provided by commissioner, because he/she sent me images with pirate mermaids details he liked)... and then add the treasure chest! hehehe... it was so much fun!!!! I really enjoyed a lot doing this drawing! And I hope u too!!! :) 

You can found this drawing on Deviantart and Flickr so far, but I will add it to my Facebook fanpage tomorrow.

Love U all for reading! 


viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Spring Bonus on SALE!!!! Get your promo code here!

Spring Bonus Scenes

Hi my dear friends! I just wanted to write this new post because today is finally April 15!!! And Spring Bonus is released!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!! I'm really happy the game is up now! and all people will be able to play it and enjoy all the work I have been doing this past weeks! I'm really really happy!!!!! 

So.... Grey Alien Games decided to give me a "promo code" what's this? a Discount for you! yes! so you can now go and BUY SPRING BONUS! using my promo code that will give you a 30% discount in your purchase!!!!!! The code is "CLAU2011" Please use it!!!! it will worth it!

What does the game can offer you? 

Smooth, fun match-3 gameplay
Cute Spring-themed graphics
Relaxed or Timed game modes
Awesome Rainbow-powered Bonus items
100 unique levels
Specially composed Spring music
Universal Binary for Macs
This game is DRM-free!

And of corse.... All scenes you can see above will be yours to use as a WALLPAPER!!!!
Yes!!!! if you love my work, you will have 11 drawings made by me to use as wallpapers at your computer! It is a great deal for a very LOW price!!!! 

Don't wait any longer! The code will be functional until 1 day after Easter( April 24)!!!! so go get your Spring Bonus game NOW! 


viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

Stamps Stamps Stamps!!!

Ok... quick post.... just to show you a really pretty package I received today! I'm really happy because Betty from Simply Betty Stamps sent me a package a few weeks ago with the Stamps made from the characters I created for her:

....and some other goodies and surprises... and the postman came to my door today with a big box! and I was like what is this? when I open it I found a loooovely surprise! check it out: 

This is so awesome! Lots of things, pretty things (just the way I like) and all my designs in Rubber Stamps! :) coooooooooooL! I can't wait to start using them!!!!! 

If u want to use them too... please go to this link for Birthday Gothic Kids and this link for Easter Gothic Kids !!! And show me your work if you purchase some of them!!!! 


miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Yourself as a Princess Art Jam

Hi to all! Well this month art jam at DeviantArt is about creating yourself as a princess with the Princess Maker and add a Photo of you there! so we can see the real Princess you are! You can be a nice pretty princess, or an evil one! but you have to choose because you can only submit once!

Btw! the Princess Maker has new features! new skirst and a Story Mode! where u can write your name, title, age and a bit of the story !!!!

For more info read the Rules at my Deviantart Account ! And turn yourself into a pretty princess or a Villain princess!!!! 

Princess Clau (Meeee!!!) 


miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

Princess Maker Game!!!

Hi to all!!! Dolldivine finish all the programming and the game is ready!!!! She still have some ideas to add later, so stay tunned playing with it!!! you just need to click on this LINK to play with it at Deviantart or follow this Link to play with it at !!!!! Oh..and don't play it on Full screen, it get's fuzzy... it is better to play it as it is. 

Let me know what do you think! I have been playing with it too!!! And it would be cool to see the ones u can create! :)

*Feedback is also appreciated!!!! So I can gather some info to make it better!


lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Annie Leibovitz Disney Photos!

A few years ago I found the some photos taken by Annie Leibovitz for Disney Parks and I was shocked! this stunning photos let me speechless! And I search on the entire internet to get them bigger to be able to use them as wallpapers, and I even got inspired by her Aladdin and Jasmine's photo, that I made my own tribute to it, and you can download it HERE!!! in high quality to be used as wallpaper as well.

But... now for the good news!!!!... I'm obsessed with her again because this time I saw on El Mundo de Fawn Blog  that we have now 3 more incredible photos!!! Thanks a lot to Disney and Annie because this really gives me a lot of inspiration to draw more Disney fan-art and it makes me happy because I can use them again as wallpapers at my laptop! This are truly a masterpiece art in photography! 

Ok, so here I am sharing with you my personal favorites! and I will include the 3 new ones too! ... so take a look!

And here you can see the 3 new ones!!!!! yaaaaaaay awesome right? 

Ok! So remember this aren't all her photos, there are a lot more but you can check them out at her Blog or at the Disney Blog !!! They got all the news about the new photos, and the old ones too! 

That's all for now! Just a quick post about this awesome photographer! Enjoy!!!