viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Spring Bonus on SALE!!!! Get your promo code here!

Spring Bonus Scenes

Hi my dear friends! I just wanted to write this new post because today is finally April 15!!! And Spring Bonus is released!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!! I'm really happy the game is up now! and all people will be able to play it and enjoy all the work I have been doing this past weeks! I'm really really happy!!!!! 

So.... Grey Alien Games decided to give me a "promo code" what's this? a Discount for you! yes! so you can now go and BUY SPRING BONUS! using my promo code that will give you a 30% discount in your purchase!!!!!! The code is "CLAU2011" Please use it!!!! it will worth it!

What does the game can offer you? 

Smooth, fun match-3 gameplay
Cute Spring-themed graphics
Relaxed or Timed game modes
Awesome Rainbow-powered Bonus items
100 unique levels
Specially composed Spring music
Universal Binary for Macs
This game is DRM-free!

And of corse.... All scenes you can see above will be yours to use as a WALLPAPER!!!!
Yes!!!! if you love my work, you will have 11 drawings made by me to use as wallpapers at your computer! It is a great deal for a very LOW price!!!! 

Don't wait any longer! The code will be functional until 1 day after Easter( April 24)!!!! so go get your Spring Bonus game NOW! 


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