jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

New Commission: Tinkerbell's Spell

Well I'm pretty happy to be able to finish this commission work today! yaaaay... and I still have so much more to do... but I wanted to show you this one, and let you know more about how I work, and what are the steps I follow to draw something like this... inspiration and more!

Tinkerbell's Spell
So... I just wanted to explain how did I get to do this drawing! First of all... the commisison "Jkrolak" from Deviantart sent me the information about them... this drawing is based on a story wrote by the commissioner, and I will write it here a bit of it so u can understand what happend on it:

"A quick mischief filled spell Tinker Bell would enable Peter to see Wendy for the silly ass she was. Then, his attention would return to the fairy and things would be just like they were before. It would have worked perfectly had not Wendy bent over at the last moment.... and Tink had noticed the large mirror that had been right behind her.
What Happened?...Due to the spell richochette, both Tink and Wendy are now centaurs"

Ok so now you can all known the background of the drawing, that's why Tink is really upset with the result! and Wendy is shocked!!!

And what to do with this... I first look for images from the characters I need to draw, specially images I could use to set the colors in the movie! like this ones I found:

And as you can see, this are almost the same colors I used for the drawing, because I want it to have the feeling of this scene could be part of the movie too! ... so I look a  lot for images of the girls I need to draw, and then started to sketch...!!! ... this was the result:

Tinkerbell's Spell SKETCH
Sometimes I need to check for poses on internet too, specially hands... I hate to draw hands because I don't feel I can make them good, so I always look for images of the right position of the hands, and this can help you out with the sketch. 

And... after the big ink and coloring process for the characters (all done in Photoshop cs5 and with a wacom bamboo tablet) I started the background... that was based on the Hangman's tree from Peter pan's movie: 

And this is the image provided by the commissioner, I tried to get closed to this, not with all the details and the lost boys of course, but I think I could finally manage to get closed to this image... and it was all created with simple brushes from photoshop and the SMUDGE tool... this is my magic tool to blend all colors and create that soft painting style, not same as disney here, but it is an efect I really love because it also makes the characters stand out the background. 

Well... I guess that's it... I finish the drawing deciding if I should add a white frame or not, and with my signature on the corner, and of corse, before post any artwork on your website be sure to add a "watermark" this is important because it will helps you to control your drawings and protect them!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I wanted to let you know what steps I follow to draw, and this is almost what I do in all my drawings, first inspiration, then sketches, and finally the coloring process! background at the end, and that's it!  If you have any doubt, please ask me!!!! I will help if I know the answer!