miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Yourself as a Princess Art Jam

Hi to all! Well this month art jam at DeviantArt is about creating yourself as a princess with the Princess Maker and add a Photo of you there! so we can see the real Princess you are! You can be a nice pretty princess, or an evil one! but you have to choose because you can only submit once!

Btw! the Princess Maker has new features! new skirst and a Story Mode! where u can write your name, title, age and a bit of the story !!!!

For more info read the Rules at my Deviantart Account ! And turn yourself into a pretty princess or a Villain princess!!!! 

Princess Clau (Meeee!!!) 


miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

Princess Maker Game!!!

Hi to all!!! Dolldivine finish all the programming and the game is ready!!!! She still have some ideas to add later, so stay tunned playing with it!!! you just need to click on this LINK to play with it at Deviantart or follow this Link to play with it at dolldivine.com !!!!! Oh..and don't play it on Full screen, it get's fuzzy... it is better to play it as it is. 

Let me know what do you think! I have been playing with it too!!! And it would be cool to see the ones u can create! :)

*Feedback is also appreciated!!!! So I can gather some info to make it better!


lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Annie Leibovitz Disney Photos!

A few years ago I found the some photos taken by Annie Leibovitz for Disney Parks and I was shocked! this stunning photos let me speechless! And I search on the entire internet to get them bigger to be able to use them as wallpapers, and I even got inspired by her Aladdin and Jasmine's photo, that I made my own tribute to it, and you can download it HERE!!! in high quality to be used as wallpaper as well.

But... now for the good news!!!!... I'm obsessed with her again because this time I saw on El Mundo de Fawn Blog  that we have now 3 more incredible photos!!! Thanks a lot to Disney and Annie because this really gives me a lot of inspiration to draw more Disney fan-art and it makes me happy because I can use them again as wallpapers at my laptop! This are truly a masterpiece art in photography! 

Ok, so here I am sharing with you my personal favorites! and I will include the 3 new ones too! ... so take a look!

And here you can see the 3 new ones!!!!! yaaaaaaay awesome right? 

Ok! So remember this aren't all her photos, there are a lot more but you can check them out at her Blog or at the Disney Blog !!! They got all the news about the new photos, and the old ones too! 

That's all for now! Just a quick post about this awesome photographer! Enjoy!!!


sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

Swan Lake

Ok, so after I saw "Black Swan" I was shocked and I wanted to draw something about ballet and swan lake, so this is my new piece in PinUp Cute Style! I hope you like it!!!!!

Swan Lake PinUp

miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Spring Bonus Art!

I'm really happy because since a week ago I have been working in the graphics and art for a game named "Spring Bonus" this game is creation of Grey Alien Games and you can see a special entry about this game (and me !!!! ) here!

As you can read there, all this begin with my artwork test... I was asked to create a countryside background where I can show a little river, trees, a house, animals and flowers! and with a little cartoon style... I drew this drawing based on Disney backgrounds.

Background Trial

After this I was chosen!!! and I started to work with the actual backgrounds for the game! And some lovely characters! A bunny, a lamb and a baby chicken! love them all so far! 

And you can see a little sneak peak of some backgrounds and the main character! I hope u like it as  much as I do!!!!

Spring Bonus backgrounds and Bunny
Ok so... if u want to know more about the game, you can look into Grey Alien Games blog! but here is a bit of info about it:

"It’s a match-3 game with a Spring/Easter theme, plus there will be 100 levels. It will be launch on April 15, 2011 on several different platforms including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, XBox Live Indie Games and Windows Phone 7 (and maybe even Linux)"

Sounds like fun right? I'm pretty excited! This is the real first game I am working on, because I had 2 different commission works for games before, but never knew about the final result, so I was thinking maybe it didn't work or I don't know what happend.... right now I'm really happy with this one! and I have been working hard day and night to get it done! So I hope all of you can be part of it and get your Spring Bonus game when it's done!


P.S. You can see WIP's by following me at my twitter! I usually upload a lot of photos!!!