viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

Movies & Fashion are next....

Hi people!!!! Well I have been checking my poll, and Movies Divas are the next ones! so... I have again a decision to make! first of all, movies divas is such a big world!!! and I'm not sure to want to take this right now because I have no idea which girl to choose, so ... I want u to help me to get ideas for MOVIES DIVAS, and with this... I want to make sure to let you know that I want to do "Characters" not actresses... but Characters on the movies! So.. let me know who are your favorite characters from movies (girls of corse)! 

And now, another choice to make is about fashion! for this category I want to draw my 2 favorite fashion bloggers! "Chiara Ferragni" ( & "Andy Torres" ( because thanks to this girls I'm really into fashion right now! I know more about designers, models, brands & clothes! and I really love their styles! ... take a look at this photos and let me wich outfit for each girl:

Andy Torres (Stylescrapbook)

Chiara Ferragni (The blonde salad):

So.. can you help me decide between this ones? :) Looove them both! really love all their outfits, but this ones I think will fit best to the pin-up style drawing.... choose! 


martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Katy Perry: First "Music Diva PinUp"

Hi People! I'm Happy to show you the first PinUp gilr in the MUSIC DIVAS Collection! So... here is she!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaay :) 

Katy Perry PinUp

Katy Perry! The most voted here and also at Deviantart Poll.... she got around 150 votes and Lady Gaga got around 130 votes, so It was pretty much close, but Miss Perry won! 

Ok so I hope you enjoy this, as much as I do... the clothes are based on this wonderful photo:

Katy Perry Wallpaper
Well... stay tunned for more PinUp girls! Next on this collection will be Lady Gaga with her Bow Hairstyle (image I added in the last post) ... and of corse... there is another poll on Deviantart about next collection... what would it be: Movies, Tv or Fashion? Don't forget to vote! 


viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

Music, Movies, TV & Fashion Divas Collection?

Hi to all! I'm glad to write the Blog again! even if I only have 15 followers so far, I know you are happy to read it, and that makes me happy to! and of corse, I wanted you to help me with some art decisions!

Well I wanted to write this entry because I'm thinking about my new collection of drawings, I already have some other collections like my Real Disney Princess/heroines collection of drawings that make disney girls more realistic based on real tv or movie artists, or even models that I found and didn't quite know their names. But this time, I want to try a collection with my pin-up cute style! and I have been asking on Deviantart about it in a poll... so far the two finalist who has been fighting about the first place are "music" and "movies" but I will do all of the ones I mentioned before.... just wanted to be sure of what people want to see...

Ok, then those two are my finalist, I will decide wich one I will do first... I believe music can be my first one! but now I have to choose a music diva to draw... and I'm not sure wich one! I wanted to draw Lady Gaga or Katy Perry first, I have so far this photos; but I need to choose! take a look and help!...  

Or I can do Lady Gaga in one of this outfits: 


I'm going to draw both and more of corse, I want a collection with at least 5 divas in it... so I'm also thinking on christina aguilera, rihanna, beyonce, shakira... I don't know, I love a lot of people in the music bussines, so you can also help me decide who else can it be after this 2 divas that already are in the collection!

Well thanks for reading!!!! I and I hope you can comment with ur opinion! it will be really helpful! See u next time! remember u can always follow me at my other pages too! I update all of them with different things (art, things I'm thinking, wip's etc) 


lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

2010 Summary of Art

Hi people! Well I just wanted to show the Summary I added a few days ago to my Deviantart account, this is to remember some of my favorite drawings made last year... of corse I did so much more than this, but this are some of my very favorite ones! you can see commissions and also drawings I did for myself... so take a look and let me know what do you think. Of corse you can also use this template to create your own artwork summary! I took it from here: Summary of Art Template

Summary of Art 2010
 Well... and then you can see all the Images here in my main gallery at Deviantart.

So, take a look at the big size of all those drawings that make my year so wonderful!!! Hope 2011 can be as much fun and full of great works to do!


miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

A little bit of my story...

Hi to all! And welcome to my Art Blog, I decided to create a blog because I have been following some blogs from other artists, and I decided it is time for me to have one, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

So.. first of all, my name is Claudia Patrón Pérez, but everyone knows me as "Madmoiselleclau" because that's my current ID at all my other art pages (deviantart, facebook, twitter, flickr), and I have been a freelance illustrator and artist since a few years ago.

Art is something that I have always loved, and I started a pretty young age (perhabs 7 years old), I used to draw with pencils or color pencils, then I started to do some oil paitings when I was on high school, like this one, my first oil painting!!!:

Bellezas Marinas (2002)

But since I finish college in 2008 I decided to dedicate myself to art, and started my Deviantart page, since that moment I learned how to draw in Photoshop and I started a pretty fun career with Digital Art! I used lots of Tutorials and learned by myself how to draw with a computer, even I used to draw with my MOUSE, but finally got my tablet and life has been so much easier!

This are some pieces I did at first when I started to use photoshop and my mouse:

Ariel (Jordi Labanda style) (2008)
Amy Wildhisper (Pose from Tinkerbell/created on (2008)

Rainbow Fairy (2008)

Now I think I can be called "Traditional & Digital Artist" because I draw using both styles, and sometimes I combined them to create a different style of art.

And finally I want to show you what kind of work I do... I have so many pieces I would love to share, but I prefer to show you one of each style right now, and later on I will show more of my past work...
 This is the "Disney style" (because I'm a total disney-fan!!!!)
A mermaid wish... (2010)

"Pin-up Cute Style" was created when I decided to start working with Vectors and based on some of my favorite pin-up artists like mimi-na, kinkei or mashi from Deviantart.

Tinkerbell (2009)

"Pencil Portrait" I usually mix this one with photoshop help for create more shadows and lights, or even to color them or give a nice warm sepia color, like this:

The Little Mermaid (2009)

"Digital Painting" is a style of art I admire in so many artist, and I'm starting to experience with it, it's fun and free, a form of art when u transform your digital paper into a canvas and let your tablet pen work as a paintbrush! love it...

Princess Serenity (2010)

Well, and I guess that's all for now... I will continue adding posts about my past works and my 2011 works too... so follow me here, at DA, twitter, facebook, flickr... I always update all those personal pages, with different things, I use twitter to share WIP's and personal things too, so stay close to know more about my works, and you can also email me for info about Commission work!