miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

Disney Pirate Mermaids

Pirate Mermaids Commission (2011)

Hi to all!!!!! I'm really happy about this commission work! it is really big, 3 characters takes forever to finish, and of corse, 3 characters with lots of details takes moooore time! But I finally finished! and with my new Cintiq 12wx tablet! yay!!!!! first drawing I do without pen tool in all the lineart! 

Yes well... first of all here is the beloved new tablet! take a look:

And I'm really happy to be able to have this tablet! is really awesome! is not big, u can move it around your desk, and you can draw directly on the screen! it is a total hit! But...it has a bad side...so far I don't understand why it need so much wires, almost all the photos are showed without them, but the tablet got a big box with buttons and 3 connections for your computer... is kind of too much for me... for the money, it should be wireless!

Any way... but the quality for the drawing is awesome! the colors are amazing too! I'm really happy! and bye bye pen tool! I will only use it for special parts of the drawing only!

Ok, but getting back to the drawing! a commissioner from Deviantart (thedarkstrider) asked me to draw 3 disney girls like pirate mermaids! so after thinking a while, I decided to draw this 3 girls! and I'm really happy because they look like a great team together!!!!! I first google images for inspiration, poses, and details in colors! 

So... after getting this images! i started to draw the sketch for the drawing!

 I use this images as references for expressions and pose! but of corse, I had to add much details like mermaid tails (except for Ariel), change a bit the clothes to fit more the "pirate" style (that was provided by commissioner, because he/she sent me images with pirate mermaids details he liked)... and then add the treasure chest! hehehe... it was so much fun!!!! I really enjoyed a lot doing this drawing! And I hope u too!!! :) 

You can found this drawing on Deviantart and Flickr so far, but I will add it to my Facebook fanpage tomorrow.

Love U all for reading! 


7 comentarios:

  1. i just can't get enough of this darling drawing!! I saw it on your DA page first and I'm still in love.

  2. Thanks a lot!!!! :) I hope u enjoy what I wrote about it here :D hehehe

  3. wow que padre te quedo!, oye increible que se puede hacer con esa tablita magica... pero y si pones una foto tambien se puede hacer....? jeje es q me da curiosidad... muy buen trabajo

  4. Gracias Bere!!!! :D si se pueden editar fotos, pero no sirve tanto para eso como para dibujar, a menos que seas fotografo profesional y valga la pena la edicion con una tablet

  5. wow this is amazing! i love those three disney princesses. i wish i had a tablet like that! i still use my mouse...ugh. saving up for one soon, though!

  6. Fallowing here and on fashionlista!!

  7. Thanks Anelieze! :) yes save for a tablet! it really worth it, I recomment to start getting use to one, to buy a bamboo or bamboo fun! I had it for 3 years and loved it! sooo much!!! I really miss it and have it on my desk in case I wanted to use it again, finally got the luck to get a cintiq, and this is stunning! I really love it! but the price is really high compared to bamboo, and for start I recomment that one! always wacom, best tablets ever!

    Lili: thanks for the follow! I will follow u back too!