viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

Stamps Stamps Stamps!!!

Ok... quick post.... just to show you a really pretty package I received today! I'm really happy because Betty from Simply Betty Stamps sent me a package a few weeks ago with the Stamps made from the characters I created for her:

....and some other goodies and surprises... and the postman came to my door today with a big box! and I was like what is this? when I open it I found a loooovely surprise! check it out: 

This is so awesome! Lots of things, pretty things (just the way I like) and all my designs in Rubber Stamps! :) coooooooooooL! I can't wait to start using them!!!!! 

If u want to use them too... please go to this link for Birthday Gothic Kids and this link for Easter Gothic Kids !!! And show me your work if you purchase some of them!!!! 


5 comentarios:

  1. Whoohoo! I am so glad you got your package... I sent it out Monday that was pretty fast!

  2. Yes yes!!! pretty fast! incredible!!! I told u it takes more... usually... :)

  3. Hi, I was just wondering if you do commission pieces... Your artwork is gorgeous and I would love to get something done by you :)

  4. Hi! :D Yes I do... check out my Deviantart Journal... you will see prices there... I have my commission work closed right now because of the list I have... I want to finish that list and re-open soon :D take a look at prices there and let me know what u think

  5. Awesome! I definitely want to get something done by you when you start taking commissions again :)